Controls: W and S move your paddle up and down. (Changeable in Bindings)

Runs in background.

Upgrades will appear after your first win.


Remember that game that your parents, or even you used to play? Pong. It was fun, entertaining, and yet.... something was missing. We've reinvented Pong, as a submission to the Mashed Potatoes and Cramberry Jam! 

See if you can figure out the new improvements that we hope vastly increases the entertainment and play time! 


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uh. i broke it...?

ok so while i was typing this it did get set free, my paddle wasn't long enough to trap it

Deleted 91 days ago

Just got the secret, size is way more useful than I thought, my previous joke is now an incredible asset.


do i win 🥺🥺🥺

Ooh you are certainly getting far. Decided to play the game after if ended huh.

I am trying to get to the number limit.

You've got a ways to go. I believe it's 10e308 or so haha. But if it breaks before then, yes you win! Make sure to let us know!

since this post, ive reached 10e74 


also heres the password 


where would enter the password?

  did I go a bit too far?

there are a few of these...

Are those broken instances? If so I'd recommend reloading (back to main menu and click load)

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to the people who dont wanna waste their time to get secret upgrade


Lemme give you the rundown. (for the new players looking in the comments for help)

These "instances" are just different games of pong that both add to your points. You have to buy the "more instances" upgrade in the shop (an arrow will pop up afterwards)

if you want faster wins, set the win points lower. If you want more points, set it to max.



100 wins? How can I manage that...?

I'm at 50 wins... what did I need again? Oh yeah! The upgrade! Halfway there!

I'm at 98 wins! Can't wait to see the 'Secret Upgrade'!

Aaaand... bought!


You should also add an easier way to move from instance to instance (maybe use A and D, changeable in bindings?) Another idea is to maybe be able to mute the music or something (or I can just make another song!)

You can essentially mute the music by reducing the music volume to its minimum in the pause menu. The instance to instance idea does seem like a good one however, I'll note it in the noted issues.

The game is great, but I think you should have more soundtracks. I could try to make them if you want! :D

Thanks for the offer, while we are unlikely to update this game for quite a bit if you wish to provide a sampling of your prior work we would be happy to keep you in mind.

What does PB stand for?

Pong ball



01110000 01100101 01110010 01101000 01100001 01110000 01110011 

So uh, this is a cute game and all (haven't finished it quite yet), but the story messages and whatnot definitely need to not happen mid game and essentially screw you out of a win and your points.


Oh, yeah, because we totally don't have overpowered AI, paddle speed, and paddle size upgrades, as well as a bad AI to go against. We're totally gonna lose against this oh-so-dangerous foe, and we'll totally get screwed out of our wins and points. Toooootally.


Enjoying spamming the comments?

m8 it aint a spam, it l0g1c

you really should add Enemy upgrades to it be easier like ( Decrease Enemy Speed ) ( Decrease Enemy Paddle Size )


Enemy upgrades are a planned feature. However this game is being put on the backburner for some time while we work on game development on a separate, new game.

so this game is done then. just say that.

it's nice. i enjoyed it. but have the self awareness to realize that if it's on the backburner, it's done for good.

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Sure? I mean while we certainly have a bit of a desire to come back to the game and give it a final batch of updates, its most certainly on the backburner. However spikes in interest like this most certainly give us a bit more of a reason to do so.

Our most recent devlog on this game gives a more complete picture tbh, you're also replying to a 2 year old post on my end. And I can assure you my view has certainly changed since then.


Just shut up and make more or don't. I didn't ask for conversation with a dev.

Your opinion will be taken into consideration. Have a nice day!


You mean enemy downgrades? An upgrade would make the enemy better.

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I'm seeing the comments about the game being great but i can't load it (┬┬﹏┬┬)

Sorry thats the case, sometimes your browser might be causing problems running the game.  You might try some other browsers on this page, or you can download the windows version of the game and play it that way. However being able to run this on something other than a computer might be a bit problematic.

If you have a different OS than windows, if you let us know we could add a build for your OS.

i dont want to ask to much but can u make it a option to turn off the AI after u buy it

We will see. I'll add it to a list of "planned" changes.


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I am truly at a loss for words at that secret. it both made and ruined my day, thank you. the game scaled really nicely and was fun.


Thanks, your words warm our hearts.

Minor Bug 

pausing the game after getting multiple instances will make the arrow disappear till you open up the shop

Any way to change the keys used to move ?

W/S makes sense on a QWERTY keyboard, but on some other layouts like AZERTY the W key is under the S key, so it's really difficult to play like that.

Why not use up/down arrows ?

That's something we would like to change in the next update, the main reason why we didn't use up and down however is due to worries of them scrolling the page for the web gl version. 

However at the least having them as an option would be better.

could you please add the sound settings to the save? having to set them every load is getting a bit tedious.

We'll see what we can do. 

lol I upgraded until I broke the game with a float out of range error

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What do you think triggered the error?

Was it the PB, or something else?

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Alright, so with secret mode on, my top left instance has no player paddle. So I basically never score (sometimes the ball can spawn going left and surprise the enemy, but its rare). 

Also, my bottom right instance's player's paddle has spawned sideways. It's horizontal. Oddly enough, it's generally fast enough to keep up, just hitting the ball with the side of itself. But if it hits the ball with the long side, the ball will go absolutely nutso fast. A few times the ball has clipped above the instance, and went back and forth between the two instances. The paddles try to follow and it all gets super glitchy before one of us scores and it resets.

I've reset, and the instances still spawn this way.


idk man, im at a Loss for words


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Thanks for this update! Things go waaay faster with instances working properly. And you can lower the score limit!


Glad to hear you enjoy it. Best part is, we'll make the end game possible in the next update, current estimates are about 32 million years in worst case to reach it.

good fun just the best thanks vimlark 

Glad you are enjoying it!


When secret mode is active the last instance show a horizontal player bar, Hit box is also rotated

Oh, and my first instance has no player bar at all lol


idk man, im at a Loss for words


is it a bug for the ball when spawned to go in a straight line then for some reason bounce off of the air or during the game only on the opposite side

oh and when i look at my second instance of pong the ball immediately disappears when it scores a point on web version btw


You are correct, it is a bug. It's actually that the ball is entering it's initialize routine twice, one to launch the ball, and a second time 1 second after launch. This has since been patched, we will be posting a DevLog soon to announce the next update, with a ton of quality of life improvements! :)


Minor issue: when secret mode is enabled, PB display doesn't update anymore

Yup, also patched in our upcoming update! Thank you for providing feedback though! If you want to see the current bugs people have reported, check here: Our Reddit Posting

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Idea for the angle limiter: when a collision changes either the X or Y velocity component to zero, apply the changes another time. (should make 0°, 90° ,180° and 270° impossible, preventing it from ever getting stuck)

Our next update has actually already set this up in a similar manner! It should be coming Monday. Great idea!


Cool game! But, the ball is starting to rotate after a while. This seems to be purely visual, and appears to happen more often if the instance has been out of focus for some time.Still, fun game, helped me kill some time.


Every single one of my additional instances eventually gets stuck. Ball either missing or stuck on a paddle with no momentum.

thank you, this is a bug I am working on. See TheBiGuy's comment chain for an explaination, will patch soon! :D


The second core keeps having the ball disappear after one of us scores a point, making the upgrade useless :(


thank you, this is a bug I am working on. In reality it breaks when you watch the ball score. It gets nervous from all the attention and can't keep playing, returning to the main menu, loading, and then making sure not to watch the non-root instance score, makes sure it keeps working in the background. patches are coming soon, and this time you can backup your saves! yay!

With the secret on, it happens in the main screen too.

hmm. That's The first I've heard of that. Thanks for progressing to that point! The next update will have a patch for that. Be sure to follow so you'll be notified and will have time to back up your save. You'll have 48 hour notice when we are going to update 

crashed on activating secret. (cerome, win10)

Thank you for letting us know. We have an update rolling out soon, which does NOT wipe windows saves, and Ill make sure that's checked into. When the update rolls out, you should be able to activate the secret and be at a true loss for words. Thank you for playing!

Welp the ball is going almost vertically

Literally. It is only going up and down


Yeah, we've been getting a few reports of that and are working on a patch. Currently the fix is to pause and return to the menu, then load again. All your points and upgrades and wins are saved automatically. The next upgrade will have a angle limiter on the velocity. Currently the ball is purely physics based. 

Each time we update the browser version, it wipes people's saves, so we're waiting a bit for the number of daily plays to drop below 40 or so before rolling out a browser patch. The next update will contain a method of backing up your save, so we can avoid wiping prog read for people actually trying to win the game. 

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It was before I finished the first game so I had to reload the page as the pause was not available XD. It's very fun though.

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is that why my save was erased? I'm kind of glad it got erased so I could do different upgrades and stuff, oh and is it a bug for the ball to rapidly speed up so fast you can't get to it in time? like insanely fast I mean

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Yup, due to the physics based nature of the game you can increase the ball's speed to insane speeds. However if the ball is doing that by itself without ball speed upgrades and without having something hit it, that could be entirely unintended.

i would rate this 5 stars but I cant because I didn't submit an entry for the game jam

its a really really good game

Thanks! There are a few patches coming out very soon, to make it even better!

The secret upgrade does NOTHING~

Sorry about that. I was hoping no one would get there before we finished patching it! We ran out of time for our jam and can't update until after voting is finished. I promise you'll have one soon! And you should be able to just load your save when the patch come out. I sincerely apologise for all that back breaking labor you put into getting that upgrade :( :(.

Oh no problem I completely understand it was a Jam project. I left it idling for quite a while knowing full well it wasn't finished. I didn't expect to be so intrigued by a Pong idling game.

One note, if you are indeed updating it, was that increasing the score required to win games seems to be a detriment when the player is trying to accumulate WINs. It might be good to add an option to downgrade that.

Just updated the windows version. I'm leaving the browser the way it is for now, so people can see how it worked at submission. May update soon. 


hey you need to add a reset to the ball when it goes under the walls. the paddle can clip the ball through the walls  under some situations :)
otherwise cool game good job :)

Thanks for the information! As soon as judgements close on the jam we submitted to, we plan to upload a bunch of quality of life updates such as that. Thanks for playing!

Patched. Yay